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Teaching and Learning Solutions
Differentiated instruction for all students
Meeting the diverse needs of all the learners in our classrooms is truly the art of teaching; but accomplishing this does not happen without careful instructional planning, targeted intervention, and researched teaching and assessment strategies. Through custom professional development, coaching, and consultation services, Advantacore can help your school develop and implement the important practices that will help meet the needs of all learners, including gifted students, at-risk students, and special education students.
Students need strong literacy skills to achieve success in all content areas, and regardless of their educational experience or reading fluency, there are strategies and instructional techniques from which all students can benefit. Advantacore can help your school develop and implement a powerful, targeted literacy instructional plan to meet the needs of your English language learners and struggling readers. Strategies to integrate content-area reading strategies into your school’s instructional core is also part of our literacy
Quality Math Instruction
Best practice in the mathematics classroom has really evolved in the last decade. Rote memorization, flash cards, and timed tests have been replaced with thoughtful instruction, exemplars, and discussions with students about their reasoning and thinking. Advantacore can offer targeted professional development and coaching for teachers to help them learn and practice researched instructional strategies in the math classroom.
21st Century Instructional Design
Instructional design today has to look different. Advantacore can work with your teachers to integrate the important 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity into their instruction. This work includes professional development and coaching in project-based learning, inquiry learning, and overall rigorous instructional design.
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College, Scholarships and School Culture
Implement proven strategies to bolster your
students’ college admissions success rate
and scholarship earnings — and celebrate
with unique academic recognition programs
sure to jumpstart your school’s culture.

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