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Our Focus
Advantacore was founded on four guiding principles that serve as the core focus for our work:
Strong Communities
A quality educational experience does not start or stop in any one office or classroom. It’s only when all parts of the system are working together with a core mission and plan that students benefit the most.

Advantacore recognizes the importance of community and develops the necessary support to boost performance in all aspects of the school district and its schools. Through school system audits, Advantacore examines policies, processes, and practices and works collaboratively with school personnel to develop and implement continuous improvement strategies that ultimately lead to strong school communities so that all students can succeed.
Customized Support
No two schools are the same. Likewise, no two teachers or principals or superintendents are the same. Therefore, solutions shouldn't be the same for every school either — and they aren’t when Advantacore supports a school’s core efforts to maximize student achievement.
Student Success
Ultimately, this is what our work is all about, and student success can be defined in many ways — whether it’s success in the classroom, success transitioning from one grade level to another or success navigating the college admissions process, Advantacore has the core solutions to help.

Advantacore works with schools to identify success targets and then develops a custom plan to reach these targets. Our student achievement solutions are far
reaching and designed to create a meaningful and successful school experience for the whole child.
Targeted Improvement
Advantacore works with schools to identify areas of need and then offers the core support, solutions, and strategies that will drive systemic improvement and
increase student achievement. Sustainable improvement happens when policies, processes, and practices that hinder educational achievement are carefully audited and improvement strategies are developed to target specific areas of need, and this is the process that guides our work.
Whether it’s professional coachingcontinuous improvement strategies, or professional development program design and implementation, Advantacore develops
custom plans to meet the specific needs and targets of each school and school district. 
These plans are research-based, data-driven and come with the implementation support necessary to attain success.
Our Focus
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