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Instructional Leadership Solutions
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The most important factor in student achievement is the quality of instruction in the classroom. Using the research of educational leaders, a common set of effective teaching practices have been identified that can be directly linked to higher performances in student achievement. Advantacore will work with your school to establish a shared understanding of these qualities and then provide support in applying these practices in the classroom. Advantacore will train staff in the use of classroom walkthroughs and instructional rounds for classroom observation purposes and the identification of next steps toward continued growth.
Effective Teaching Practices
Organizing and implementing professional learning teams (data teams, PLCs)
Professional Learning Teams are a means toward implementing a comprehensive accountability plan. Expectation levels are raised as these data driven teams examine classroom patterns and trends, focus on a selected area of need, and then share instructional strategies targeted to reach all learners. Advantacore will support instructional leaders with the implementation of professional learning teams at the grade/content,
school, and district level.
Instructional Coaching and Mentoring
Instructional coaches, mentors, and school leaders each play a significant role in boosting teacher quality and sustaining excellence. Advantacore can support instructional leaders with research based practices that focus on a wide range of issues related to teaching and learning. Support will include opportunities for collaboration, modeling, observing, and providing feedback through targeted coaching.
Professional Development Program Design and Implementation
Designing a clearly articulated professional development plan that addresses a district’s 21st century needs is the first step toward school improvement. Highly successful districts are able to use student achievement data, along with cutting edge approaches and research based practices to design learning experiences for staff. Advantacore will provide assistance in determining a district’s most pressing instructional needs and then work with key personnel to address teaching, learning and leadership targeted areas.
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College, Scholarships and School Culture
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