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Administrative Solutions
Professional Coaching
Senior executives will provide one-to-one coaching to improve decision-making skills needed for today’s competitive educational marketplace. Superintendents and principals can improve their leadership by making sound decisions after vetting their thinking with experts with experience at local, state and national levels. Boards that are having difficulty in reaching consensus can provide leadership for districts by working with Advantacore.
School System Audits
Advantacore will conduct a district-wide audit to help leaders to examine policies, processes and practices that hinder educational achievement and provide solutions to ensure that resources are maximized to the teacher in the classroom.
Evaluation of Personnel
Improving student learning is one of the most challenging aspects of teacher and administrator evaluation. Advantacore can provide the tools and training that focuses on good teacher and principal practices to successfully evaluate teaching and learning. Our framework can be used by districts to recognize that teachers and school leaders are at different places in their skills and provide ideas for rewarding best practice.
Continuous Improvement Strategies
Student improvement is the focus of Advantacore’s strategy to provide boards and their superintendent with a planning process that will focus on a key set of strategies that impact learning most. Our staff will work with the board and administrative team to create a set of data driven priorities that will lead the district to become one of the nation’s best performing districts.
For more information about Advantacore’s administrative solutions, call 888-879-1460
or email info@advantacore.org.
College, Scholarships and School Culture
Implement proven strategies to bolster your
students’ college admissions success rate
and scholarship earnings — and celebrate
with unique academic recognition programs
sure to jumpstart your school’s culture.

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Are you ready to make a
for your freshmen?
Our Solutions
Join Advantacore for a Freshman Focus Institute to get ideas and plan for implementation of a comprehensive ninth grade transition program.
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